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Baby strollers – cheap and durable may ‘come in’ handy for parents who are operating on a shoe string budget. Cheap strollers are always in demand as these cheap baby strollers are most times sturdy and robust. What is the best baby stroller? How do you know which one to buy?

The baby stroller is a little carriage with wheels used for pushing around a baby or a toddler. These are oftentimes, referred to by parents as god’s gift because they make it more suitable and easier to carry around the baby. Baby strollers are important in transporting your new baby. Many parents use strollers to take that energetic walk that is needed to keep them in shape and healthy. Every baby loves to ride in a stroller as it gives even the fussy baby time to fall asleep in the nice fresh air. There are several types of strollers which seek to provide for different desires, likings and preferences. If parents are indecisive about which of the stroller to purchase they should be aware that there are different kinds of strollers with different features and the one that is best for them is that one that provides for the needs of their particular baby.

What is the best baby stroller? Should you get a stroller? There are different categories of baby strollers listed below along with their features and advantages.

Most strollers excepting the stroller frame type will be able to hold or carry babies up until they weigh approximately fifty (50) pounds). As a result of this fact you will get several uses up until the child is ready for preschool. Check out the different types of strollers below.

Types of strollers

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Pram/Carriage type stroller

Pram strollers are for parents of newborns who love to take leisure or relaxation walks. They are oftentimes flat and rectangular. This shape is good to provide room for a sleeping baby. They contain cushions that are soft and fluffy to accommodate newborns who will need the comfort and the support. A canopy is usually attached to it which provides shade when that is needed. Prams are usually trendy and fashionable so parents usually love them.

However they are not designed for long distance walks as their tires may not be able to manage this. Also they are not compatible or attuned with car seats.

Stroller Frames

The frames of the stroller form the skeleton of the stroller. The skeleton comprises the handle, the storage part as well as the wheels. These are usually completed whenever there is an attachment of a compatible infant car seat. They are always lightweight and is very convenient for the baby’s first year. There are several options to chose from that are appropriate for your baby

Travel Systems

These types of strollers contain an attachable car seat that is great for moving around a sleeping baby especially from the car to stroller without disturbing them. It is more convenient to purchase this type of car seat as you will save money rather than separately purchasing a stroller, plus a car seat and an adapter to adjoin stroller to the car seat.

Umbrella Strollers


Stroller Travel Bag

This type of stroller is inexpensive, lightweight and folds up small. They are more convenient for babies six months and over as some of them do not have the support and cushioning. Umbrella Strollers are cheap and as such parents buy them as an alternative stroller or a second stroller for easily moving around the baby. Travel stroller can be used sometimes instead of the umbrella stroller. Umbrella strollers are nice for the parents who are always on the go as they are good for vacations and outings since they fold up easily and take up little space.

Standard Stroller

Standard strollers are very common. They boast maneuvering wheels, seats that are comfortable and a lot of storage. Their weight is usually between sixteen pounds and thirty six pounds. Majority of standard strollers includes adapters for a car seat, however most do not have flat fully reclined seats – which can be used as an alternative to bassinets. Standard strollers are durable, effortless to push around can accommodate the baby for a long period ranging from infancy stage to toddlerhood. They also drive well on smooth polished surfaces. But they may lack features like handbrake and adjustable handles.

Lightweight Stroller

They are the best for traveling as they have a compactly folded shape. In comparison to other type of stroller they are more compact and lighter. They usually weigh between 9pounds and seventeen pounds. They do not sometimes feature car seat adapters and so they cannot be used unless your baby is six months and older. Their wheels are smaller and as such not easily maneuverable. It may also become not easy to push them on rough surfaces.

Double Stroller

This has two seats which are perfect for twins or for two babies, probably an infant and an older size toddler. A great idea that your babies sit side by side so there is easy access to them by parents and so parents can keep an eye on both babies at once. There is no hindrance of one child to the other child. The double strollers cheap and durable do not normally weigh a lot as their weight is between twenty one and thirty-five pounds. Even though it has two seats they are not too wide and they can easily pass through the average doorway. But there may be some difficulty passing through crowd. Also features a canopy for shade during the sun, trendy and relaxing and has a lot of space which can be used for storage.


Compact Stroller

Compact Strollers are great for traveling and they fit easily into the trunk of your car. Usually they can fold quite flat and they are easily transportable on board as this will save the time that is spent checking in luggage. They are also cheap when they are compared to the other types of strollers.

Toddler Stroller

Toddler strollers do not contain as much padding and they are not alterable. They have little head support and they are not designed to tilt back or recline totally. However they are less expensive and great for the parents who are operating on a shoe string budget. They are best for babies who are just learning to walk and move around. They are perfect as backup pram when you are out and about.

Jogging / Running Stroller

The jogging stroller is used for jogging and running. It is loved by parents who take pleasure in enjoying an active lifestyle. It features air filled tires that can go for miles without failing, a frame that is strong and sturdy that absorbs impacts and bumpy rides and it can undertake diverse sorts of terrains. However snow and sleet may not be included. Also, some parents find the jogging strollers expensive and it is mainly because they are equipped with several safety features and accessories

Lightweight Stroller

Lightweight strollers are sometimes referred to as umbrella stroller. It is so called because of its low weight and compact foldability. They are favored for airplane travel and for traveling in and around a big city. They are cheaper than full sized stroller as they do not include some features of the full sized strollers, and that is one reason why they can be cheaper. They are the finest for city sidewalks however they are not good for jogging. There are some things to think about when purchasing a lightweight stroller.

Ensure that the seat quality is desirable for your baby. Your baby must be comfortable at all times.

The wheels should move around with ease as this makes for easier navigation.

Materials used must be resilient and comfortable. Lastly remember that it is the baby that will be in it so ensure that it is convenient for the baby.

One should also note that the baby’s safety is of utmost importance. The baby should not be left alone and unattended in the stroller at any time. Parents and caregivers should ensure that the baby is comfortable and protected no matter which of the stroller they choose to purchase. It is also imperative that you double check the baby at different intervals especially when jogging to make sure that everything is alright. Also verify that the stroller is fit and secure every time before putting the baby inside of it. It’s now happy shopping and enjoy the moment with your baby.


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