Benefits of Cloth Diapers

There are several cloth diaper facts that parents need to be aware of.   Health and environmental reasons may be some of the benefits. Or they may be because of cost and convenience. When parents understand the benefits using cloth diapers this will help parents to make a decision to cloth diaper their baby.  One main advantage is that reusable cloth diapers for babies may cost less overtime.  We will discuss this below.

Cloth diaper:


Benefits to the Environment

Benefits using cloth diapering is important to the environment.

Cloth diapers do not contribute to the pollution of the environment whereby it takes several years to decompose.

Reusable Cloth Diapers – Babies

The cloth diapers are reusable. If cloth diapers continue to be in good condition they can be used by other babies in the family. If they are not in good condition then they can be used as wipe cloth cleaning or dusting around the house.

Benefits to the Skin and Health

Diaper rash is usually one of the main concerns that parents face with regards to their little ones. The type of diaper used will not necessarily prevent diaper rash as the use of any diaper may result in diaper rash. If a baby has allergies or sensitive skin then it can be further irritated by the materials that are used to make some of these disposable diapers. Cloth diapers on the other hand are made from all natural materials and do not contain any harsh  chemicals. However cloth diapers need to be changed as soon as they become wet in order to prevent diaper rash.

Fragrances are not contained in cloth diapers. These fragrances may smell nice, but they can also cause dizziness, and skin irritations. Also if the baby has allergies the fragrance can trigger respiratory irritation.

Since cloth diapers do not contain any fragrance they are quite beneficial to the baby.

Cost Benefits

The cost of purchasing cloth diapers will vary after they are purchased. Some parents opt to wash and sanitize the diapers themselves which no doubt will make them save more than those parents who uses a diaper service.

Using a diaper service is more convenient, but costs slightly less or the same as using disposables.

In essence the cost of the cloth diaper depends on how it is cleaned. Generally speaking parents who use cloth diapers and laundry these themselves save more than other options.


Cloth diapers are always on hand, and if parents see they are running low on clean diapers they can just wash a load. There is no need to run out to the store in the middle of the night.

  1. Indeed the benefits to the old style cloth diapers outweigh the drawbacks by a long shot.
    I hate the way we humans pollute the environment, pillaging resources, using things “once” and throwing it away. Look at all the plastics in the oceans. What percentage of all that plastic is disposable diaper materials? A lot I bet.

    Cloth diapers are the way to go. They should be made law and disposable one-time use diapers should be a thing of the past. And that same thinking applies to anything we use “one time only”…Terrible it is.

  2. When it comes to your baby, I believe buying the highest quality for anything. Whether that be cloth diapers to organic quality baby food! Hard to put a price on your baby’s health, nice article!

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