This review consist of pampers cruisers 360 Fit review, pampers cruisers review and pampers swaddlers reviews. It also features overnight diaper reviews and which is the best overnight baby diapers.

Pampers has launched a new product, Pampers Cruiser 360 Fit diapers. These diapers were intended to adapt to the baby’s movements throughout the baby’s day as the developers are aware of the fact that babies are agile and they do not like to be confined. Yes the developers are right babies want to move around all day once they are not sick or are not sleeping there thing is really up and about trying to learn something new. And we should know that this is part of the development phase that most if not all babies go through. Many describe the new diapers as looking like yoga pants. The entire waistband is stretchy all around. This feature makes it easier for the parents or caregiver to put the diaper on to the baby and also to take the diaper off the baby. It also facilitates other movements of the toddler such as rolling, running and climbing as when the toddlers are doing these movements it will not be as easy for the diaper to pull off your baby. As a result parents find this diaper very comforting.

The main difference between the Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit and other diapers is its new and thoughtful design. While with other diapers you have to fasten the diaper with Velcro, to put this diaper on one has to pull on the diapers similarly to putting on a shorts or a pants while the baby is lying down or even standing up.

One drawback of this diaper is that an adult may have to tear along the sides of the diaper in order to take it off.

In addition to the stretchy waistband, Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit consists of air dry channels that offer breathability and up to 12 hours of protection, along with dual leak guard barriers that gently seal around a baby’s legs to protect where leaks happen the most.

Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit is made with soft material meant to feel like cotton, and has been tested by dermatologists, and clinically proven to be hypoallergenic and gentle for a baby’s skin, Pampers said.

Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit diapers are available in sizes 3 to 6. We are hoping that in the future the developers will think about expanding the size range.

Pampers Cruisers Diapers

Pampers Cruisers are particularly designed for moving babies that are always up and about doing baby things. They are comfortable and affordable and they assist in preventing leaks.

Pampers cruisers diapers is not as bulky as some other diapers, it has great absorption and it is convenient for those active babies. It consists of extra absorption channel to facilitate the distribution of wetness, a three-way fit which will prevent sagging as long as possible and the sides are stretchy to encourage easy movement.

But it does not have a wetness indicator.

Is Pampers Cruisers Diapers the best for your baby?

We know that finding the perfect diaper for your baby can be challenging at times. Babies should be comfortable and happy at all times in their diapers. Pampers cruisers may be the answer. The diapers are of great quality as a result of their super absorbency, easy fit and secure tabs. They do not leak easily and most parents love using them.

Protection against Leak and ability to Absorb

This diaper is able to soak up liquids efficiently as the inner layer keeps the fluid away from the sides and back of the diaper. The liquid will spread through the diaper and along the walls of the inner liner. This prevents the fluids from remaining in the top layer which could cause leakage, discomfort and leading to diaper rash.

But they are not very stretchy around the waist part and the leg parts. As a result it is important to get the correct sizes to prevent leakage and discomfort. The diapers come in different sizes:

size 3: 16 – 28 pounds

size 4: 22 – 37 pounds

size 5: 27 pounds and up

size 6: 35 pounds and up

size 7 – 41 pounds and up

During the night parents are always concerned about leakage. The leak control has worked in the majority of cases however there are few times when things happen and parents complain about leaks.

Three way fit

This is an important feature as it helps to prevent unnecessary leaks. When babies begin to move around, diapers may have openings in the thighs which can facilitate leaking however this smart three-way fit design assist in protection against leaks. These diapers adjust at the waist, legs and bottoms. This will facilitate movement of the baby along with the diaper so as the baby moves around the diaper moves around with the baby.

Comfortable Fit

Pampers Cruisers feels great against the baby’s skin and this is a plus because it reduces discomfort and skin irritation especially for that baby with extra sensitive skin. Parents love them as they are thin and allows the baby easy movement around as the baby is very comfortable in the pampers cruisers diaper with the tabs being secure that won’t tear or pull apart.


Cruisers are soft so much so that they almost feel like a cloth diaper. They feature extra soft sides that are flexible enough to move and shift with your baby. They are quite stretchy and perform great enough without having unsightly sag issues. Pampers cruisers were built with the intention for them to hold more fluid as they consist of the channels that pull moisture from one area and distribute it equally right through the diaper. As a result you and your baby can sleep comfortably through the night.

However, there are the few parents who may complain that it should be softer.

The scent of the diaper and ease of changing

They have a fragrance. Some parents do not like this as it can cause irritation to the toddler. Some parents like it as it gives a nice scent that the parents like to smell.

The diapers are easy to change as one just has to release the tabs to get t he diaper off the baby and to easily refasten the tabs to put on a new diaper.

Parents do not mind spending more and getting real value for money as they believe this is a top quality diaper that keeps their baby comfortable and dry.

In concluding, the pampers cruisers diaper has a good wetness distribution to keep your baby free from discomfort and diaper rash. It has good fasteners and great absorbency to prevent leakage. It fits comfortable on the baby which will make the baby happy. A happy baby is a happy you.

Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers  swaddlers disposable diapers have several features that you need to know about. They are affordable, convenient and comfortable. They carry a wide range of sizes from newborn up to size 6 that is from birth up to about 36 pounds.

Newborn Notch

The newborn notch is a special feature of pampers swaddlers as it does well to house or accommodate the baby’s umbilical cord. This notch will prevent the baby’s umbilical cord from discomfort and from being irritated. The notch is included on sizes from new born diapers up to size 2 diapers.

Wetness Stripe

The wetness stripe will cause the lines to change colors whenever your baby is wet. This will definitely help the parent or caregiver to avoid needless diaper changes. Most importantly it will tell when the baby needs changing. Many parents love this feature because pampers swaddlers do not look bulky when it is wet and so it becomes a little difficult to tell when it is wet. But the wetness stripe is a welcomed feat

Wetness channels

Wetness channel consisting of special grooves in their surfaces to prevent the wetness from concentrating in one area is a great feature of this diaper. These channels help to evenly distribute wetness which will keep the diaper usable for an increased number of hours especially at nights when you don’t want to get up all the time to change a diaper


Pampers swaddlers are very soft with no scratching around the legs or the belly. This very soft cloth like feeling will let your baby stay happy and dry. The ‘absorb away’ liner pulls the wetness from the baby’s skin. This will prevent any diaper rash.

Affordability Pampers swaddlers are low cost and you get top value for your money. You will definitely love these prices and you will save a lot by using them. However, they may have a faint powdery smell that you may like or may not like.



  1. Thanks for the great reviews on Pampers. As a parent I sometimes just reach for the cheapest price but knowing that the Pampers cruisers 360 fit have been tested by dermatologists and are proven to be hypoallergenic makes me lean more towards purchasing them. The positives really seem to outweigh the negatives.

    • Bobby,
      The pampers cruisers 360 fit are really a welcoming change. Like you many parents will love them and the fact that they are dermatology tested gives them an advantage.

  2. The Cruisers 360 Fit sound so good. I wish they were around when my godson still needed diapers.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us, I really appreciate you taking the time to educate us on the subject. This can help many parents.

    Wish you a wonderful week,

  3. Thank you for this great and very informative review of Pampers diapers. I liked how you compared these two types of pampers diapers. I would personally buy Pampers cruisers 360, they seem better quality for me and have lots of nice features like three way fit of protection against leak, I think parents who can afford these Pampers diapers shouldn’t save on baby comfort

  4. Thanks for this wonderful post. This is such a great insight. From henceforth I will go for pampers cruiser 360. It is the best choice when it comes to baby protection and it’s also dermatology tested.

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