Top 10 Baby Gift Ideas

Giving a baby a gift is always a gratifying experience.  After everyone has waited all of nine months to meet this little new person we all want him/her to be happy.  That is the reason we welcome them with wonderful gifts. Gift that will make both the baby and the parent happy.  The top 10 baby gifts 2019 preferences are listed below. Choose anyone of these unusual baby gifts ideas and you can’t go wrong. These top 10 baby gift ideas are the best.

1.  Baby Play Pen

A play pen is the right gift for a baby and the parent. It is an enclosed play area that gives the baby a safe and comfortable space to play. It is consisted of self-contained units which are usually made of wood, plastic or meal. The baby gets to stay in play pen while parent may be able to do some chores around the home. It is a convenient must have for all parent as usually they are movable so if you are in the living room you can put it there or if you go on the veranda you can put it there as well. The play pen assist in giving the baby some level of independence from early.

There are some tips when choosing the right playpen for the baby.

Ensure that there is enough space to move it in and around the home.

There are different types of playpens these include:

the wooden baby playpens which will provide more than enough room for the baby’s safety.

Fabric sided baby playpens with metal structure are better for smaller spaces. They are also easily kept clean and they usually serve a longer time and they can actually be passed down to a younger baby when the owner baby outgrows it.

The colored plastic baby playpen is usually more difficult to move around. However it is brightly colored and well attractive.

Playpens may come with wheels which allows them to be easily moved. This makes life easier for everyone. Yes the baby will just enjoy being pushed in it. Try to get those playpens that are lightweight and are foldable as these can be easily tucked away. The prices of the prices of the playpen differ depending on the style, size, features and model.

2. Bouncing Seat

A bouncing seat is a great gift for a new born and his parents’. This can keep the baby happy as he/she will be able to waggling and wiggling while the parents’ may be able to do a few chores. It is easy to carry, trendy, as the material that it is made of contains bright cheerful colors which can be easily stretched across a metal frame or a plastic frame. It contains straps to guarantee safety. The bounce of the seat may be motorized by a battery for a rhythmic soft bounce but others may be powered by the baby’s kick. One way or the other this is a nice gift any parent would appreciate.

3.  Baby Monitor

Baby monitor is an awesome gift for every parent especially those first timers parents’. These parents’ are usually a little more apprehensive and ‘gittery’ and would love to have a portable baby monitor on the bedside. The baby monitor allows the parent to keep a close eye on the baby from anywhere. It is quite easy to listen to and also to look at the baby with it. This tool is quite sensitive and some of these brands are able to pick up and deliver the slightest sound or gesture made by the baby within a range of over 500feet or more. Especially if the baby is sleeping in another room this monitor would be ideal. Video monitors could be an alternative to this gift, as these allow the parents’ to see and hear their baby. Baby monitors give the parents’ peace of mind as they provide an extra pair of eyes.

4. Bedding

This is a must have gift. Fitted sheets that are soft are the best addition to a nursery. There are some beautiful colors to suit the baby’s room. Additionally matching blankets can sometimes be paired with sheet sets. A pillow could also be placed in the mix. You could also add some soft toys to this like a teddy beer. Bedding can be a thoughtful gift as you know that with babies they get wet more quickly and needs changing on a more regular basis. As a result bedding cannot be too much. Give that gift today.

5.   Baby Sling / Front Carrier

The baby sling otherwise known as the front carrier is another cool gift. It is quite handy and convenient to carry around the baby. The baby always love the nice comfort of their parents’ chest to just lie on and get comfortable there. The baby can be in the parents’ presence but the arms are left free for the parent to be able to do some errand, creating a win-win situation for both parent and baby. Additionally, this closely knit position has been encouraged by experts because it fosters the parent child bonding and relationship.

6.  Bath Kit

A bath kit is another fun gift, every parent would want this and you cannot go wrong with this type of gift. Just chose a bright nice color as babies love bright colors. The baby bath kit provides all the things a parent and child will need for an enjoyable clean bath. As such you should also include a mild shampoo, mild soap a baby sponge, a towel and also soft brush and comb. These are essential with the bath kit as all of them are used in the process of giving the baby a great bath.

7.  The Out and About Kit

This is a handy gift that every parent will love. It will help the parent to become more organized. The parent can place the following items in the kit that the baby will definitely need, these include: several diapers, wipes, bottle of feed, or the feed itself, small thermos with water, an extra suiting or two for the baby, toys for the baby, pacifier, medication. Also anything else that mom needs even for herself can be placed in this out and about kit. We all know that as a parent it is difficult to leave the house without forgetting something of importance for the baby and that is why this kit is so important.

8.  Baby Bag

This is another cool item for a gift. Every parent needs a baby bag, one that is designated to the baby only. One that is soft and beautiful as a mother’s touch. Now it would be nicer to include some items in the bag. Such as a baby bottle or two, one for feed and one for water, baby wipes, a pack of pampers, and a desitin. Now a baby cannot go anywhere without a bag to take essential things for the baby. That is why this gift is so important.

9. Baby Mosquito Net

This is a cute gift to get a baby. It protects the baby them from insects, especially those pesky mosquitoes that are always flying around and can actually pass around infection to the baby. Mosquitoes bites can lead to the development of deadly diseases. Ensuring a good health for the baby is essential. The baby mosquito net is one tool which can be used to protect the baby from mosquito bites.

There are different types of mosquito nets. There are those that contain the mattress along with the mosquito net. They allow cool and fresh breeze and air to pass through simultaneously blocking out insects and mosquitoes. The blend of the mattress along with the mosquito net will guarantee that the baby sleeps safely.

There are those without the mattress but includes the mosquito net. These are less expensive and can be placed on the bed for the baby to lie in. Generally speaking mosquito nets come in different sizes. They are very easy to set up and even easier to wrap up when not in use. They are also convenient to carry and they occupy just a little space. They are also for use outdoors. Really convenient

10. Baby Blanket

Every parent will appreciate this gift. Every baby uses blanket: to produce warmth as they are gently covered, to cover their stroller, or even to place on their beds for them to lie on. Baby blankets is a must use. Get baby blankets that are cotton to promote breathability and to regulate the temperature as they will not cause the baby to overheat or get too hot. Blankets are easy to wash and dries quickly. You include other items with the set of baby blankets such as baby towel, baby cap, baby socks and baby powder.




  1. Hey Dahlia,
    Thanks for this list, it’s often hard to think of stuff that are useful gifts for parents with babies. The list has given me some good ideas.

  2. Great article! I think you nailed the top 10 gifts a parent and baby would greatly enjoy and benefit from. I will book mark this page for future reference when it comes time to have a little one of my own! Thank you for the tips and suggestions 🙂

  3. i am glad I bumped into this article since My aunt has a new baby so I will be recommending the baby morning to her.
    I still love other gifts and I think I will send her this article to her.

    Thank you for the article

  4. You go a great list of useful baby items all parents should have especially with a first child. Not only will the child benefit with these items, but they will make life for the parents much easier, as well. Thanks for sharing.

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